• guzzo4trustee

The Home Stretch!


This journey started out with the intention of making change.  However, this road has turned out to be so much more.  

When we put our minds, and hearts together, we can move mountains. The time we have spent in that last few months, has not been without its challenges.  Our motives have been challenged, our patience tested and our faith questioned, and through it all we stayed the course.

We are part of a time where people feel that its okay to say anything, and dismiss people easily.  We have taken a stance against those who want to force their personal agendas, and are opportunists who are maximizing on a time when hate seems to be the theme.  We will not and have not stood for that and no matter the outcome, we need to maintain our positive momentum.

We started out as like minded parents/ grandparents/ activists, and have become so much more.  I would be extremely honoured to work with every single one of you, and get back to what really matters at HCDSB…. our Children!!

Thank you for your part in what has been an amazing journey so far!


“Let the Church always be a place of mercy and hope, where everyone is welcomed, loved and forgiven.” Pope Francis


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